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F/LabImage LabImage® LA LINE Analysis Software

Easy • Quick • Reliable

Interpretation Software for your LINEs

LabImage® LA is a sophisticated software for efficient recognition and interpretation of the VIROTECH Diagnostics LINE Immunoblot. The complete automation of the strip analysis offers a maximum on standardisation, which significantly contributes to increase efficiency in medical diagnostic laboratories. Of course, bidirectional connection to LIS is possible. The LabImage® software and VIROTECH SetCards are CE marked according to the IVD guideline (98/79 / EC).

For a maximum on flexibility we provide the software in combination with different instruments depending on the size and automation of the laboratory (Examples of packages are listed below).

The DynaBlot Automatic & LabImage® LA enables an easy and fully automated processing and evaluation (LIS compatible)of your immunoblots. The DynaBlot takes over the identification and dilution of the samples, all incubation and washing steps as well as detecting the strips using the built-in camera. The data are automatically transferred to the LabImage® LA software. The LabImage® LA allows the automatic recognition, combination & interpretation of the LINE immunoblots. LabImage® LA is able to communicate simultaneously with several Dynablot Automatics.

We would be glad to provide you with a tailored system for your laboratory.


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Flatbed Scanner (Plustek)

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